In the early 1900’s the need for a high school in the West End of Pittsburgh became very apparent. In 1910, the Pittsburgh Board of Education designated the 2nd floor of Riverside Elementary School to be used for the teaching of the grade. Mr. Fickinger was put in charge of four teachers, and they had about 125 students.In 1912 Riverside was taken over entirely by grades 9 and 10, with 9 teachers, and about 175 students. Soon the third year of high school studies was added, but because of the large enrollment, students had to be put on half time.

In 1915, plans were drawn up, and property was purchased in Sheraden for a school which would eventually be called Langley. But America’s entrance into World War I put all plans on hold. Ground was finally broken on January 1,1922 and the building was ready for occupancy in April 1923. Twenty-five teachers and about 600 students moved in, and in June of that year 21 students received diplomas.

The total cost for the lot, the building, and the equipment was $861,282.81 and the building was “L” shaped.
The Langleyan was started in the fall of 1923, and the yearbook was soon Aeronaut in honor of the contributions made by Samuel Pierpoint Langley to aviation.

By 1927 Langley’s large enrollment required that an addition be made, so another “L” was added, known as the West Wing, and it created the courtyard that makes the school building unique.

Langley soon became an outstanding educational facility, as well as a fine school for athletic excellence, and musical accomplishments, including the band’s trip to Washington to play in the Inauguration Parade of Herbert Hoover, as well as an invitation to Franklin Roosevelt’s inauguration. Unfortunately, this was during the heart of the depression, and there just were not enough funds for them to make the trip.

During World War II Langley sent hundreds of “her sons” to fight bravely for our country’s freedom.
In 1974 Greenway School was built to house the 7th and 8th grades from Langley, but there were still too many students. Therefore, “demountable” classrooms were replaced by another large addition which included a fine new cafeteria, two new gyms, a greatly expanded library where the old gymnasium had been, plus numerous renovated and totally new rooms and an observatory.

The entire building was also carpeted. So Langley headed into the 21st century as a truly first class school, ready to continue educating young people to make our country a better place, as have so many of her proud alumni.

Today Langley is called Pittsburgh K-8 and is an outstanding grade school for children kindergarten through eighth grade.


*Mr. Fickinger 1923 – 1934 Retired
*Dr. James Rule 1934-1938
*Dr. Dana Z. Eckert 1938-1943
*Dr. Bruce Cobaugh 1943 – 1347 Retired
*Mr. James W. Mates 1947 – 1951
*Mr. Harry D. Book 1951 – 1963
*Mr. Robert Angelo 1963 – 1969
*Mr. Ray O. McGahey 1969 – 1971
Mr. Dan Belisario 1971 – 1993 Retired
Mrs. Ann Bilhary 1993-1995
Mr. Joseph Foriska 1995-1998
*Mr. Larry Hubbard 1998-2002
Ms. Linda Baehr 2002 – 2010
LouAnn Zwieryznski 2010 – 2011
Sophia Facarois  2011 – To present


*Jean Graham Rose (46)  1998-2002
Charles (Chuck) Baumiller (56)  2003-2008
*Paul Fronczek (66)  2009-2010
Charles (Chuck) Baumiller (56) 2011-2014
Fred Heinold (75) 2015-Present

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6 thoughts on “History

  1. As to your history I am a 1970 grad and I remember demountables in the late 60’s between the outdoor gym/play fields and the main building James Farlow


    • You are certainly welcome to come. Just send in your reservation and come with your cousin, Barry as the Vietnam Veterans there are going to be recognized.
      Joan Jessep
      LHS Alumni Assoc. Treasurer.


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